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An Innovative New Platform

Helping adolescents with a history of substance abuse problems learn and practice coping skills through interactive instructional segments and skills-reinforcing games.

Informed by Rigorous Research

An interdisciplinary team of psychologists, computer programmers, and graphic artists collaborated to create a fully functioning program incorporating psychoeducation and active practice opportunities.

Interactive and Engaging

Adolescents reported that the Relapse Prevention Program was easy to use, fun, well liked, required an appropriate amount of time to play, included appealing illustrations and graphics, and would be a useful substance abuse relapse prevention tool.

A New Kind of Intervention

By maximizing accessibility, affordability, and engagement through efficient and easy-to-use online deployment that requires no additional software, hardware, or technical expertise on the part of users, we can provide greater access to effective intervention.

Proven E-Learning Platform

Proven effective, our dynamic e-learning platform provides a multimedia learning experience with opportunities for hands-on practice and feedback.

Interactive Games and Exercises

Interactive games, assessments, and practice exercises test your knowledge while offline activities give you ways to practice the skills you’re learning.

Personalized Reports

Self-assessments help you examine your attitudes and behaviors, with dynamic reports summarizing results and providing personalized feedback.

Interactive Games and Exercises

Virtual simulations of common relapse-causing scenarios help you practice coping skills and get feedback about your performance before trying it out in real life.

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