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What Others Are Saying About RPP

From Adolescents:

From Providers:

“I think I learned a lot. There were valuable lessons that will stick with me. I also really liked learning about the relaxation techniques because they really help.”

“Good skills to teach, presented in an interesting way.”

“I liked being able to sort out who supported me and figuring out what to do in situations i previously felt were unmanageable.”

“I liked the games in particular, they worked well to reinforce the concepts.”

“I’ve learned new coping skills and I’ve actually been able to apply them in my daily life and it’s made a huge impact on the way I handle my stressors. The layout of the program made it feel like less of a chore than any other treatment I’ve ever participated in. In fact, I looked forward to participating each week! I also didn’t feel invalidated or patronized once during the duration of the program, which I usually always do during other treatments. Overall, I had a really positive experience.”

“I liked the constant movement and animation choices, good examples of triggers for the population, patient interactive participation through writing down his/her thoughts/feelings, giving power in using their own examples, having preloaded answers to assist with ideas and the binder.”

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